OCI Interviewers

Who will my OCI interviewers be? What do I need to know about them?

On-campus interviewers are a combination of associates, partners and those in charge of student recruitment. Firms will typically be able to tell you who your interviewers are advance. Interviewers may change at the last minute because of client demands. Don’t read anything into it.

You should be familiar with your interviewers’ profile. Know enough to be able to draw on their background and experience during the conversation – but not too much to come off as creepy. If you don’t know anything because the interviewer was switched at the last minute, ask some general questions about their practice.

My interviewers are only junior associates. Is this a bad sign?

No. Don’t make any assumptions. Instead of assigning meaning, consider perspective. Partners, student recruiters and associates may come to the table with different concerns, focus and interests.

Partners focus on long-term issues. Does it seem like you plan on staying in law? Do you appear to have a genuine interest in the firm and what it does? Can they forsee you managing clients and bringing in business one day?

Associates want to know if they can work with you-tomorrow. Can they seem themselves sitting in a boardroom with you all night? Is it easy to communicate with you? Do they think they can rely on you?

Student recruiters look at all of it. Are you adaptable? Can you juggle competing demands? Are you self-motivated? Are you curious? Do you have good judgment? How do you respond to challenges and adversity? Can you explain complex information succinctly and clearly? Are you a team player?

Preparing to demonstrate some of these skillsets in 18 minutes is the most productive use of your time at this stage of the process.



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