Building Grit & Resilience at Work

I help organizations attract and retain top talent by building stress resilience. Studies indicate that without stress management tools, professionals are burning out, self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, and experiencing mental illness at alarming rates.  Many professionals appear to be high functioning but without proper treatment and strategies, they will inevitably fall, damaging existing client and other relationships.

Sample programs include:

  • Stress Resilience Toolkit
  • Change Your Mindset – Change the Result
  • Increasing Engagement & Productivity
  • Working With Difficult People – Including Yourself
  • How to Thrive, Even When it Sucks
  • What to Do When Your Best Stress Management Strategies Don’t Work
  • Leader, Mentor & Management Training
    • Mental Health Toolkit
      • (common mental illnesses, signs & symptoms, how to speak to someone in need)
    • Coaching Millennials
      • (how to keep millennials engaged, motivated and loyal)
    • Personality & Communication Styles
      • (how do you present to others? ways to work with people with different communication styles and priorities)
  • Stress Resilience Boosters (“on the spot/just in time” stress boosters)
  • Spotting Toxic Stress & Avoiding Burnout
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