Interview Basics – What you Need to Know

Many (if not all) of your interviewers will be lawyers who don’t have formal training in interviewing. Some firms use behavioural type questions but most still conduct more informal interviews. Either way, interviewers are looking to assess your transferable skillset and “fit”.

These are some of the things lawyers are thinking about.

  • Do you have the necessary work skills?
  • Can I put you in tough situations without warning?
  • When things don’t go as planned, how will you cope?
  • Can you manage stress? Am I going to have to manage and handhold you in addition to running the file? Do you wear your stress?
  • Can I trust you to deliver good work on time?
  • Are you keen? Are you curious?
  • Do your “book smarts” translate into law?
  •  Are you good at making decisions? Do you have good judgment?
  • Will you know when you are in over your head?
  • Will your work be thorough? Will you be creative?
  • Will you add value? Will you think of things I didn’t think of?
  • Are you a fast learner? Can you absorb lots of information quickly?
  • Can you categorize information? Can you extrapolate?
  • Do you have good interpersonal skills?
  • Can I put you in front of a client or senior partner? Do you inspire confidence?
  • Can you handle difficult personalities?
  • Can you explain complex concepts concisely?
  • Do you demonstrate genuine interest in my organization?

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